FX Series Handpiece FX25M Contra Angle


Ergonomic, Functional & Reliable.

NSK FX handpiece series - a modernization of the EX series.

The traditional NSK simple design technology, functional reliability, durability, and cost effective pricing still remains, but FX has been updated to an integrated design in response to modern demands.


Durable Stainless Steel Body: Stainless is lighter and more durable than brass. Handpiece weight is considerably reduced and ergonomic hand comfort is greatly enhanced with a realistic tactile sense.

Improved Visibility: The extra slim head and body design greatly improves direct and indirect visibility to the oral operational field. This includes increased visibility of even difficult access areas in the oral cavity. The slim, lighter weight design delivers an entirely comfortable ergonomic balance, especially when used in conjunction with the new NSK FX Mini Air motor.

Clean Head System: The patented NSK Clean Head System is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the handpiece head prolonging the life of the bearings

Specifications -

Gear Ratio 1:1 Direct Drive, For CA burs (Ø2.35), Stainless Steel Body Material, Max Speed 40,000 min-1.

Features -

Clean Head System, Push Button Chuck, Ball Bearing.