Fibre-Optic Handpieces - Internal Spray CA1:5L EVO Micro Series Contra Angle


Classic Line – High End Quality and Performance

CA 1:5 L EVO Contra-angle


  • Head Size - Ø 9.8mm, Height 15.5mm
  • SoftPush™ Bur Release
  • Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Multi-strand dual optical glass rods.
  • Triple Spray
  • Thermowasher disinfectable and sterilisable.
  • 24 months warranty.
  • Warranty can be extended to 3 years with Bien-Air Plancare

CA1:5 L EVO Features:

Red speed increasing contra-angle for friction grip burs Ø 1.6mm, multi-strand dual optical glass rods

Shorter and lighter contra-angle