Synea Vision Fibre-Optic Handpieces - Internal Spray WK - 56 LT Contra Angle


The premium instrument line in the Synea series. Innovative and long service life guarantee excellent treatment results for restoration and prosthetics.

  • Optimum service life and quiet operation due to ceramic ball bearings and innovative gearing technology (WK-99 / WK-93)
  • Easy to clean, comprehensive protection and long-term value retention thanks to new surface coating
  • Excellent grip and ergonomics with optimised shank profile and monobloc design
  • Compact glass rod for outstanding illumination of the treatment site
  • Durable instrument construction with stainless-steel external parts
  • Easy change of instruments
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
  • 36 months warranty

WK- 56 LT Features:

Contra-angle handpiece 1:1, single spray, head size Ø 9.5 mm, push-button chuck for contra-angle bur with Ø 2.35 mm, compact glass rod.

Indications: Preparation of cavities, Dental trepanning, Resectioning, Separating, Finishing of cavity margins and fillings.